It’s time to wake up.

“We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are.” — Anaïs Nin

Humanity is at a crossroads.

Our fate rests partly in your hands.

Once you understand that your personal journey is much bigger than you, the deeper work can begin.

Whether you’re inspired to transform your life or profoundly impact the world, everything begins with you. Your beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions create your reality. You are the storyteller, the protagonist, and the observer all at once. And beyond your story lies an even greater reality. I can help you learn to see it and, when you’re ready, step into it.

I was once where you are.

I used to follow a path I thought I was supposed to. I achieved external success, yet lasting happiness and inner peace eluded me. Years of trying to fit myself into the collective story of the world left me exhausted, depressed, and disconnected from my authentic self. Being sensitive, deep, and aware compounded my pain. Then one day a few years ago I had an experience that changed my life forever. I glimpsed a very different and far more incredible world than I ever imagined existed and have been exploring the edges of consciousness and reality ever since.

How deep may I take you?

I guide conscious leaders on their path of self-mastery so that they can offer their gifts to the world powerfully and authentically. My coaching isn’t for everyone, and it may not be for you.  You have to be ready and willing to go deeper into yourself than you ever imagined you could. To create and step into a new story, you have to be willing to let the old one go.

Do you have ideas and visions that feel too bold to be possible?

Do you seek a global tribe of conscious leaders who elevate and amplify one another above the world’s negativity and noise?

Are you ready to live your life like it’s the most important thing you’ll ever do?

The door is open. Let’s talk.


Josip is a force of nature; a man born to be the light and presence for humankind to explore its unique experience and truth.  It was very clear from the beginning of our work together that he was meant to serve this role. His depth of presence creates a calm, safe, and loving environment in which to explore fears, pain, insecurities, blockages, etc.  Each word reflects a deep connection to truth and sincerity.  Each session delivers wisdom, insight, and clarity.

Working with Josip has led me to many realizations, enabling me to explore my life more deeply, helping me to change old patterns, to conquer fears, and to become the woman that I’ve always wanted to be, but was never able to become on my own.

Josip has been a true gift in my life.  He has helped me grow through the most difficult and seemingly insurmountable challenges with courage, ease, grace, and openness.  I would not be who I am today without this incredible man’s help.

Josip, I thank you for all that you are, and all that you have to offer to this world.  We are in much need of someone like you. Deepest gratitude and warmest wishes.

I encourage anyone who is ready to step up to their best life, to invite Josip along as you walk your path. You will not be disappointed!

Christina Grasso

Christina Grasso

Upstate NY

Mind-blowing. That’s what I came to expect for each call with Josip. This man has a balance of energies that lead me through a dance of recognizing my power, forgetting it, and then finding it again. I have developed a new way of thinking and seeing the world, and I have acquired tools with which to create my life more intentionally and powerfully.

When we started working together, I was very problem-focused—I couldn’t see past my pain and didn’t know how to work with it. Then, one of the first things I remember Josip saying to me is, “You are one question away from total enlightenment.” There it was. I realized quickly that Josip was never going to give me the answer, only guide me to the question.

Now, when I’m met with adversity, I ask myself, “what do I really want at this moment?” I’ve become solution-focused and often the answer I’m looking for finds me.

Josip holds a space of stillness and profound breakthroughs. He is good at what he does. Just set up the call. You are ready for this work.

Shelby Chipelewski

Shelby Chipelewski


Josip is an absolute jewel!

Call it fate, call it coincidence – whatever you call it, Josip appeared at the perfect time in my life and I could not be more grateful for the transformational work we accomplished together.

We met at a time when I was going through some major transitions, including leaving my full-time job, moving away from my home in San Francisco, and plans to travel extensively with the intention of personal healing and transformation.

My intention to create transformations in my life was clear, but at the same time, what wasn’t clear was how I was going to do it. I felt scared and lost like I was about to take a deep dive off of a cliff, unsure if I was ever going to land.

Lo and behold, the magical Josip appears! During our sessions together, Josip always made me feel comfortable and heard. I always felt safe to speak and to share, knowing that he would hold space with compassion and understanding.

During our time together, we covered a range of topics, including relationships, sexuality, communication, spirituality, personal finance, and more. Josip’s ability to ask the right questions and give the right pointers was brilliant and I left each and every one of my sessions knowing how I was going to address the issues I brought to the table.

With Josip’s life coaching program, my life has forever changed and I am eternally grateful for our work together. I can confidently say now that I am walking my path, my true path.

Steven Jing

Steven Jing


It has been an amazing experience working with Josip. Through our sessions together I was able to discover my true desires and clear some major limiting beliefs. I showed up more authentically at work, switched jobs and created a joyful life over a short period of time. He shows up completely centered for each session and creates a warm and welcoming space. I always felt that Josip truly holds an intention of service and provides a safe space for co-creation. My coaching experience with him has been transformational and heart-opening, allowing me to invite more abundance into my life. He truly empowered me to go after my dreams and I would highly recommend Josip to anyone who is looking to take charge of their own life. Josip, thank you for all your support and I am truly grateful for having you as my coach.

Astha Lagoo

Astha Lagoo

Bay Area, CA

A time came in my professional career when I needed to prioritize the needs of my family over continued career advancement as a corporate executive. Obviously, this was the right moral decision but I had doubts if I was economically or psychologically ready to follow my heart. Thanks to encouragement from Josip to walk my own path I started an exciting mid-life transition becoming a more involved father, engaged husband, contributor to my local community, and work-life balanced consultant. Simultaneously, I started the pursuit of my life-long dream to achieve a Ph.D. degree. Josip, you helped me awaken my inner potential and for that, I am eternally grateful to call you coach, classmate, and friend.

Douglas Younger III

Douglas Younger III

San Ramon, CA
I have engaged with Josip as my life coach over the past couple of months and in even in this short time I am amazed by the progress I have made towards some of my toughest issues such as tough situations at work, long-standing relationship issues, etc. Josip is very structured in his approach. He helps outline the problem statement through a calm but thoughtful dialogue, ever so gently probing for deeper clarity when I struggle. Once this initial stage is set, we journey together into several aspects of the problem. Josip is a tremendous listener. He is able to encourage me to think deeper and helps me connect the dots across the trail of breadcrumbs that I leave behind, which almost always leads to deeper insights. Insights that were within me, but had continued to elude me. Towards the end of each session, he is also able to provide a roadmap of how we got here, making the journey seem so simple… and safe. He also does a ton of homework before and after the session, such sending me links to read, and additional thoughts to consider. Every session is super enriching. I truly feel lucky and am sure other folks with whom this style will match will find his mentorship to be incredibly valuable.
Nimesh Ranjan

Nimesh Ranjan

Santa Cruz, CA
Working with Josip was a real blessing! He helped me figure out how to work through some areas in my life in which I was feeling stuck. He listened to what my needs were and he was able to pull out from me ideas that I was having trouble deriving on my own. To me, it felt like we had a partnership going on, which was very stimulating. I got tremendous value out of our time together, and highly recommend teaming up with him!
Meg Krug

Meg Krug

Phoenicia, NY