“Live your life like it’s the most important thing you’ll ever do—because it is.”

From humble beginnings as the son of poor Croatian immigrants, I’ve created a successful, incredible life. But I never imaged the journey required to get here.

I’m the first and only member of my family to not only graduate college but to also to earn two Master’s degrees. I’ve had an over 20-year career working at some of the best-known global companies and have lived in exciting cities like Tokyo, New York, and Oakland. I speak several languages, have traveled to over 40 countries, and feel at ease anywhere in the world. I’ve summited Kilimanjaro, trekked to Everest Base Camp, and have lost and found myself during weeks of deep spiritual journeys in remote Amazonian jungles.

When we put our best selves forward, it’s things like this that we tend to share with the world.

But that’s only part of the picture.

We generally avoid sharing the parts of ourselves that hide in our shadows—our struggles, pain, shame, guilt, kinky desires, and all the things that we are afraid would make us less worthy of love and acceptance if others were see these parts of us. It’s until we ourselves curiously explore and then choose to love and accept the light and the dark within ourselves that realizing our fullest potential becomes possible.

I use to carry the burden of deep guilt, remorse, shame, and loneliness. I know the pain of being stuck in a tar-like depression so thick that I’ve begged for mercy. I’ve ruined countless relationships because of the emotional walls I had built to protect myself and because of anxious, fearful attachment that stemmed from a repressed belief that my mother abandoned me as a child. For years I suffered under the illusion that I could never be good enough and that all the things that made me human were my weaknesses and faults. I lived in a self-imposed prison of my own creation, held back from thriving in life by the shackles of my own thoughts and beliefs.

Over the course of 2015, I spiraled into an existential crisis that left me feeling outwardly successful and inwardly lost. Though I had an exciting job, a beautiful home, loving family and friends, and so many of society’s checkboxes ticked, what society told me should matter no longer did. I had become sick trying to fit into a world that is sick but pretends that it isn’t.

In January 2016, I experienced a spiritual awakening that cracked me wide and offered me a glimpse of a reality beyond the illusion that I had come to believe was all there is. It was at that point that I chose a new path, a new story, and a new reality, which I have been passionately and curiously discovering, exploring, and creating ever since.

I have committed myself to a lifetime of self-mastery and dedication to being a disciple of my highest self. I compassionately and lovingly embrace both the light and the dark within myself, understanding that true acceptance, wholeness, and balance comes from unifying all that we are. It’s from this place of showing up fully for myself that I now show up in service to others.

Here is the essence of what I believe: We are divine beings who get to play human for an indeterminate but finite period of time. Each of us is the empowered creator and leader of our own life and reality—once we fully commit to waking up and owning our experience in this world. As we do so, we recognize a deeper truth, which is that everything and everyone is interconnected. Our collectively created and held story of separation has brought illness to humanity and to all life on earth, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Ultimately, creating the more beautiful world that each of us knows within our hearts is possible begins within each and every one of us and expands from there. Heaven and hell are not places that exist beyond death but rather what we create while we live. Everything is spiritual, including the imperfection and messiness of our human existence.

I guide conscious leaders on their path of self-mastery so they can share their gifts with the world powerfully and authentically. Beyond the limits of what you believe is possible lies something much greater. For those who are curious and bold enough, I show what’s possible.

How deep may I take you?