Do You Remember?

Do You Remember?

Do You Remember?

My heart feels called to share something with you.

Throughout my life, I have held back from saying important things to people out of fear or uncertainty. Even when my words might have ultimately proven to be gifts, I selfishly withheld them. I no longer have that luxury.

Let me begin by saying that you have been in my thoughts. Whether we speak regularly, infrequently, or have yet to meet, we are regardless connected. The fact that we are sharing this time and space during our brief interlude as humans is incredible, even miraculous. We are siblings in a great cosmic family engaged in a fantastical adventure together!

As I’ve awakened, I have become aware that many of us remain asleep, dreaming that the world we find ourselves in today—mired in fear, divisiveness, and illness—is inevitable and absolute. Lost deep within a story that we ourselves co-created eons ago and that we indoctrinate each new generation into, we have forgotten (but can never completely lose) our true nature and potential.

We have allowed our light to be dimmed and our power diminished. We have temporarily succumbed to the diseases that result from disconnection from self, others, and the natural world. We have even become blind to the dimensions that lie just on the other side of the veil that we call “real life”. But we can no longer ignore the calling that grows louder within us.

It’s time to wake up.

I remind you who you are in case you have forgotten.

I remind you who you are because today’s world may tirelessly try to convince you in countless ways that you are broken and flawed, underserving and unlovable. That you do not have enough and that you are not enough. However, the old story can persist only as long as you continue choosing to believe these untruths and to be small in the world. As you courageously traverse the path of clearing your blocks and healing yours wounds, every day intentionally living life like it truly matters, the old story will begin to crumble, at first slowly and with resistence, then quickly. In time, you will become a bridge to the new story of a more beautiful world in which the illusion of separation has been replaced by the truth of interconnection, balance, and harmony.

I remind you who you are because we can no longer afford to luxuriate in the bliss of ignorance and unconsciousness. The world needs you—now more than ever—to be your most unapologetically powerful, authentic, and highest self.

You are a leader with rare gifts that only you possess and that the world desperately needs. You hold profound wisdom that is uniquely yours and will never against exist exactly as you possess it, gifted to you in exchange for your willingness to navigate everything presented to you no matter how insurmountable it may seem. Your bright light is a beacon to others who are trying to find their way home to themselves.

You are integral to the quickening of humanity’s awakening and collective healing.

Through your remembrance, others will begin to remember. They in turn will help awaken others.

Remember, you are a glorious human incarnation of the divine. You are whole and beautiful exactly as you are, even in the moments when your memories of being such are distant.

Remember, you chose to experience the messiness and struggles of the human experience because you are bold and adventurous like that! You even chose to forget your limitless nature so that you could play at an expert level by entering this world believing you are limited. For you, solving the puzzles of this game we call “playing human” is far more interesting than being given all the answers or having no obstacles to contend with. You know that “winning” is simply the act of allowing yourself to enjoy the thrill of the journey and to be present with it. There is no destination, no end, no culmination, not for infinite beings like you—like us.

Remember, you are love, compassion, and kindness, and you deserve love, compassion, and kindness. You know in your heart that only by cultivating these for yourself can you fully offer these gifts to others. As we freely and without attachment offer these gifts to each other on a massive scale, our collective healing eventually gains unstoppable momentum.

Remember, you have never needed nor will you ever need anyone’s approval or permission to be your most genuine, magnificent self, to follow the path your intuition guides you on, and to shine with blinding brilliance. Who the world tells you not to be is exactly who we need you to be. Know that you are far stonger than you remember right now. Please, for all of us, find that strength within yourself and nurture it.

Remember, you are at once the storyteller, the protagonist, and the observer of the story. You alone decide how the story of your life—past, present, and future—is told. Through the power of the thoughts, words, and actions you chose every moment and every day, you create your reality. In this way, in union, our collective reality is created.

Please know that I offer my words with kindness and love, with deep respect and admiration, and also with a sense of urgency. Through your courage to live every day fully, you inspire me to be my highest self. I offer in turn a reflection of the greatness within you. Together we transform the world.

Remember who you are.

Remember where you came from.


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