A World of Infinite Possibilities

A World of Infinite Possibilities

A World of Infinite Possibilities

The other day I was exchanging messages with a lovely soul I connected with recently, someone who has touched me deeply and is dear to me, but who lives much further from me at this time than I would like. In our communication, I offered a wishful thought of being in the same physical space at that moment, to which she responded with mutual agreement but in the same breath lamented the fact that we’re thousands of miles apart and added, “such is life, eh?” Reading those words triggered a visceral response within my body and a single word came to mind: ”Wrong.” Life is not such. No, not at all.

For much of my life I’ve lived from a place of fear, full of limiting beliefs and countless reasons why my life was as it was and why it would always be a certain way. My heart and mind were closed off and I struggled to embody my full, authentic self and my higher potential. I walked a path through the world that I thought I was supposed to, often even consciously chose and thought I wanted, not realizing that I was destined for and would ultimately be called to something far greater.

As I grew older my belief of what was possible only narrowed, tightening and suffocating my soul until I could no longer bear the crushing weight of it. All that time—for many years—I was so deeply wrong. You see, what I know to be true now is that I experience the world not as it is but as I am, for we live in a perceptual illusion of our own creation, and our reality is ever malleable. Ultimately, whether I live boldly and expansively or am burdened by fear and limitations is my choice. I consciously and passionately choose the former.

As children we experience the world through unbiased eyes, overflowing with eager curiosity and an unbridled belief that anything and everything is possible. Magic is inherent in all things and we need merely to connect with our imaginations in order to manifest infinite possibilities. We understand intuitively that realities exist beyond what our physical senses alone can perceive and we thus gleefully and playfully explore the endless playground of our human existence. But sadly, we struggle to hold onto this magic as we grow older.

We are told to be quiet, to stop asking so many questions, to behave, and to grow up. We are taught that there is a difference between the “real” world—one that is mistakenly described as an immutable truth—and the more expansive, miraculous, and beautiful  one that we know in hearts is possible. Doubt begins to drown out our innate wisdom and eventual… we grow up.

Fears, insecurities, and doubts creep in, but rarely if ever does anyone teach us the essence of what these things are, nor do they guide us through the process of acknowledging and releasing them before they take root like weeds whose tendrils spread and choke our souls. A litany of poisonous “can’ts” and “shouldn’ts” and “becauses”—toxic, destructive words that rob us of the power and magic of curiosity and creation—are subtly or sometimes overtly fed to us by those who don’t know better and who have themselves long forgotten what it means to be an innocent child.

Gradually, a veil between this world and that of endless realities begins to form, thickening like cataracts until we can no longer see past it. It clouds our memory of what is truly possible, even in this human reality that we’ve chose to come into. And yet, an ember of remembrance smolders patiently and hopefully, awaiting the moment when it can be stoked back to life. All it takes is a special moment—a walk in nature, a book, a chance encounter, a film, a sign of some sort from the universe—to stir something within us. We remember, even if only for a brief instant and perhaps only in the form of a tingling sensation in our bodies, that so much exists beyond this illusion that we have collectively created and choose to live in. Over time, a voice deep inside grows louder until we can no longer ignore it. A moment may come as it did for me when you feel called to awaken.

As adults we are filled with limiting beliefs—borne of our own creation as well as innocently imposed upon us by others who themselves have either consciously or unconsciously chosen to live shackled, encumbered, and constrained by their own minds, and all too eager to innocently spread this cancer of living a tiny fraction of their full potential. The infinite possibilities of our childhood slowly fade into the dark and distant recesses of our minds, relabeled as the fanciful naivety of childhood, and the magic and wonder are replaced with facts, rules, structures, authorities, norms, and obedience. Layer by layer, wall by wall, limiting beliefs entomb us in self-imposed prisons of the heart and mind. We forget who we are and where we came from.

Like an invigorating breath of oxygen upon the patiently awaiting ember within your soul, I invite you to remember that you are still immersed in a world of magic, wonder, mystery, and infinite possibilities, even if you have long forgotten. The limiting beliefs, interpretations, assumptions, and doubts that fill you are simply illusions, waiting to be released and transformed like soft clay that merely needs the loving, imaginative hands of an artist who sees something beyond the clay.

Get excited with me. Awaken with me. Remember with me. Remember who you are and where you came from. Remember that you are so much more than you think, capable of so much more than you may currently believe and that an incredible, far more beautiful world is possible, for yourself and for all of us. It’s never too late to reconnect with the magic, the wonder, the joy, and infinitive possibilities that we are all born into. No matter how far we have strayed from the world that our souls came from, we are forever connected to it by a fine thread that is there to both tug on our hearts as a gentle remind of who we truly are, and to guide our way back when we become lost.

I am here to help you find your way back to your true self and to support you in walking your path courageously, passionately, and with integrity.

If you feel called to awaken to your higher self, then please contact me.

With love and light, energetically yours.